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METROPOLARITY was born in a pixelated summer, desperate for a space where technology and community could intersect. We at Metropolarity believe that those without power must take advantage and control of the media outlets that we have access to. We choose science fiction as our lens to create new worlds, identities, self paradigms, and to destroy old, harmful ones. The AfroFuturist Affair Creative Director Rasheedah Phillips is 1/4 of the founding members of Metropolarity, in addition to Alex Smith, Ras Masramani, and Maggie Eighteen.


GriotWorks connects people around the world to relevant themes in Black culture. We collect, document and share stories through mixed media storytelling, discussions and social media. Our work sharpens audiences ability to critique, analyze and challenge mainstream media through the power of story.

The East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention (ECBACC, Inc.)

ECBACC, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit education, literacy & arts consortium, and host of the region's "1st Black Comic Convention." ECBACC offers: a first-rate professional comic book creation workshop; year-round youth literacy initiatives, including S.T.A.R.S. [Storytelling That Advances Reading Skills] and the ECBACC Publications Read For Fun Workbook (RFF); the 1st convention-based African-inspired superhero, sci-fi & fantasy cosplay contest entitled AfriCoz; and two industry awards: the Pioneer / Lifetime Achievement Award (PLA) to honor those men and women, many unsung, who have made innovative, dynamic and lasting contributions to the industry and the Glyph Comics Awards (GCA) to recognize the best in Black-themedcomics.

The Black Tribbles

Too Cool to be Geeks, Too Cute to be Nerds; we are BLACK TRIBBLES, the radio show/podcast dedicated to geek culture from OUR perspective.

D1L0 DeMiLLe and The L. Park Project

D1L0 (pronounced D-1-L-0) is a photographer and the 1st Android ever. If he's not on the EDM scene making flashly lights, he's somewhere recording the rest of the world's wonders.

Rockers! and Rocker’s Closet

Rockers Closet currently works with The Art Institue of Philadelphia & other Philadelphia Universities and Schools. Fashion Design & Marketing students complete a 10-week course and internship program created by Rockers Closet. Interns design, create & alter garments while developing their entrepreneurial skills. Where Art meets Fashion in Worskhop/Experiment mode. The program has had a successful track record for over a year and has proudly mentored over a dozen students.

Sanctuary wholistic arts. Sanctuary wholistic arts. Africa

Sanctuary wholistic arts is a consulting firm providing curatorial, personal and professional development services to individuals, businesses and organizations worldwide.

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