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Guest blog posts, 'zine, and newsletter articles written by the Creative Director of The AfroFuturist Affair, Rasheedah Phillips.

Institute of Contemporary art philadelphia - notes blog

Black Across Time, Space, and Depth: Reflections on Rodyney McMillian's The Black Show exhibition at the ICA Philadelphia by Rasheedah Phillips

May/June 2016 Edition of The Funambulist Magazine - Design & Racism Issue featuring artwork and words by Rasheedah Phillips on Slave Ships

Curated by John Jennings and Reynaldo Anderson, Unveiling Visions  includes artifacts from the Schomburg library that are connected to Afrofuturism, black speculative imagination and African Diasporan cultural production. The exhibition features Black Quantum Futurism: Theory & Practice Vol. 1 on display, and the exhibition catalogue features an essay by Rasheedah Phillips called "Dismantling the Master's Clock" and a poem by Moor Mother Goddess called "Futurist Garvey."

The color of Hope: People of Color Mental Health Narratives

The Color of Hope: People of Color Mental Health Narratives is a project that sheds light on mental health in communities of color by sharing stories by those affected by mental illness. By sharing our stories, we open up discussion around the topic and break through stigma and shame. The contributors represent those living with or affected by loved ones with depression, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, and other conditions. They are men and women, children and adults, political prisoners, college students, politicians, musicians, business people, artists, fathers, mothers, daughters…all of African, Latino, and Asian descent. Their narratives add to the tapestry of the human experience and without them, our history is incomplete. Foreword written by Rasheedah Phillips, book co-edited by Vannessa Hazzard and Iresha Picot, M.Ed

Artwork for December 2015 Calendar commissioned by DIYPHL. Artwork by Black Quantum Futurism Collective

Bringing together the insights of dozens of scholars and committed troublemakers, Keywords for Radicals constellates a vocabulary of contested words that shape today’s political landscape. Beginning from a consideration of the current radical context, each entry highlights a term’s contested variations, traces the evolution of its usage, and speculates about the radical implications of particular term-use trajectories. AfroFuturist Affair Creator Rasheedah Phillips contributed an essay on the keyword "FUTURE."

Organize Your Own is an exhibition and event series featuring new work by contemporary artists and poets that responds to archival materials related to the history of white people organizing their own working-class white neighborhoods in Philadelphia (like the October 4th Organization) and Chicago (like the Young Patriots Organization) in keeping with the mandate from the Black Power movement to “organize your own” community against racism. AfroFuturist Affair Creator Rasheedah Phillips is a contributor to Organize Your Own: The Politics and Poetics of Self-Determination Movements, a three part publication series edited by Anthony Romero and designed by Josh MacPhee


- Afrofuturism:Black Scifi Presence in Scifi Worlds of Technology, Magic, Fantasy

(written by Rasheedah Phillips)


- Broadcasts by Blerds: New Technology Drives DIY Radio

(written by Rasheedah Phillips)


- Using Afrofuturism to Power New Modes of Tech -Interview + Blog Repost with Futuristically Ancient Blogger Sherese Francis

(interviewed by Rasheedah Phillips)


- 8 Calls for Submissions for Blerd and AfroFuturist Creators

(compiled by Rasheedah Phillips)


- 8 Books of Critical Analysis and Essays on Black Speculative, Science Fiction, Superheroes, and Horror

(compiled by Rasheedah Phillips)


- Black Speculative Tech – Uses of Technology in Black Science Fiction, Part 1

(written by Rasheedah Phillips)


- Blerd Bookstore Struggle: Science Fiction vs. African-American Literature

(written by Rasheedah Phillips)


- A New Wave of Black Filmmaking: Experimental and Black Speculative Indie Films

(written by Rasheedah Phillips)


- Bringing Unseen Worlds to Light: Interview with Fine Artist Fabiola Jean-Louis

(interviewed  by Rasheedah Phillips)


Black Speculative Tech - Uses of Tecnology in Black Science Fiction, Part 2

(written by Rasheedah Phillips)


- 6 Organizations Every Black Nerd Should Know

(compiled by Rasheedah Phillips)


Philly Celebrates Black Scifi and Afrofuturism Through November with Charity Ball, FIlm Screenings, Workshops, and More

(written by Rasheedah Phillips)


- Translating Future Noise: An Interview with Producer and Composer King Brit

(interviewed by Rasheedah Phillips)


Shadows Took Shape Exhibition at Studio Museum

Guest Blogger


Journal of Speculative Vision & Critical Liberation Technologies, Episodes 1 and 2

Flash fiction story The Convention in neon V magazine

Vol I. the continuum + black excellence issue, Autumn/Winter 2012

Flash fiction story The Family Circle in the State of Black Science Fiction 2012, Possibilities Anthology

Edited by Alicia McCalla, October 2012


The Last Word Magazine - 11/ 2011


Guest blog spot on the blog of Nicole Sconiers, author of Escape from Beckyville: Tales of Race, Hair and Rage

Guest Fest: Using Afrofuturism to Re-Examine Our Past

By Rasheedah Phillips - 5/29/2012

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